North Africa

Is Egypt’s oil and gas sector set to boom?

Italian oil major, Eni, announced this week that it has made three new oil and gas discoveries in the Meleiha region of western Egypt. The new discovery further adds to Egypt’s recent announcement that it expects to become self-sufficient in …

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Does a secret desert mine hold the key to Morocco

Going green has advantages for the North African nation as it looks to tie its established mining and automobile sectors to battery production Morocco is hoping to move beyond its established mining sector and develop its electric vehicle industry, as …

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Somalia points the way to first cashless society

The launch of a national payments system has allowed Somalia to centralise its digital payments. The country is on the cusp of a digital revolution, with opportunity ripe for the picking.   Mogadishu famously only installed its first ATM in …

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Semitic superpower in ancient northern Europe

Shillings, gods and runes: clues in language suggest a Semitic superpower in ancient northern Europe   Remember when Australians paid in shillings and pence? New research suggests the words for these coins and other culturally important items and concepts are the …

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Militaries can tip the scales toward democracy

These five factors make the difference between militaries that support autocracy and those that allow free elections. By Nathaniel Allen and Alexander Noyes, for The Washington Post (*) A cross Africa, long-standing dictators are losing their grip on power. In April alone, Sudan’s …

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