Germany-Morocco tensions: Why is Rabat so upset with Berlin?

Western Sahara, Libya negotiations, German organisations… the suspension of contact between Rabat and the German embassy in Morocco has been attributed to ‘an accumulation of grudges’ A diplomatic letter leaked to Moroccan media outlets has caused a stir in the country. …

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Covid-19 and its Pedagogy of Democracy

This article, written by Gianluca Solera and prof. Lidia Lo Schiavo, co-founders of Maydan Association,  was published today on Maydan’s website as the first contribution to a new section featuring stories, comments, photos, reports, or whatever preferred expression, to describe …

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Macron’s flawed vision for Europe

Persistent Divisions Will Preclude His Dreams of Global Power On May 11, 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy hosted an extraordinary gathering of American cultural talent to welcome France’s minister of culture, André Malraux. The dinner—which included luminaries such as …

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Step into the Vatican’s secret archives

The archives’ treasures are the stuff of legend—but their existence is absolutely real. Fifty-three miles of shelving. Thirty-five thousand volumes of catalogue. Twelve centuries worth of documents. Housed in one of the most iconic bastions of religion and culture ever, …

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