Our Values:

Our values are those of integrity, transparency, partnership, openness, and mutual respect, all generated from our commitment to the principles of human rights, democracy, tolerance, freedom and equality.

Our objectives:

  • Raising awareness among citizens and civil society and encouraging them to play an active role in the democratic transformation process;
  • Working with European Union institutions, international organisations and interest groups to strengthen respect for citizens’ rights and freedoms;
  • Promote intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and tolerance;
  • Establishing networks as a tool for political, economic, academic, social and cultural actors;
  • Spread objective information to the general public.

Key objectives:

The overarching aim of ForMENA is to position itself at a cutting edge of the MENA affairs in Europe. At the same time, ForMENA would be a reliable tool for citizens and civil society to deepen their understanding of the on-going political and democratic transitions, cultural sensitivities, as well as economic and social challenges in the MENA region. In this regard, ForMENA will focus on the following key objectives:

  • Position ForMENA as a leading organisation by fostering initiatives and projects addressing MENA affairs in the European public sphere.
  • Contribute to developing better political, economic, social and cultural conditions in the MENA region.
  • Enhance ForMENA’s visibility as an active organisation in the field of democracy, dialogue and development.

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