Arabian Peninsula

Economic crisis threatens Oman’s neutrality

Coronavirus and plunging oil prices may force new leader to turn to Gulf neighbours for help   Sandwiched between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Oman has long prized its neutrality, garnering a reputation as the Middle East’s Switzerland. But the Gulf …

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Saudi Arabia seeks to become a cultural hub

While conflicts and crises have battered Arab cultural capitals, Saudi Arabia is hosting film festivals and bankrolling new movies. JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — A pregnant Saudi woman, far from home, finds herself stalked by inner and outer demons. A wannabe …

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Middle Eastern foes are giving diplomacy a shot

Exhausted from conflict and eager for growth, Middle Eastern rivals try talking IT WAS A surprising choice for a summer holiday. On August 18th Tahnoon bin Zayed, the national-security adviser of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), turned up in Ankara …

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Churches in the Arab world .. expansion and growth

Expansion in Egypt, growth in the Gulf, and looking forward to Saudi Arabia   At an unprecedented pace, Egypt has expanded decisions to build and restore churches during the past few years, while Christian places of worship are increasing in …

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The low price of oil will test governments in MENA

With less cash to bribe the people, some strongmen will resort to repression “In the history of any nation there are special moments and seminal events,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta in August. He was celebrating Kenya’s entry to the club …

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Gulf states are trying to increase private employment

But subsidising pay is proving costly and ineffective BY NOW GULF rulers have tried almost everything. For much of the region’s modern history well-paid government jobs have been a birthright for citizens. This perk forms the core of the region’s …

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Can a soccer tournament help end The GCC crisis?

By Khalid Al-Jaber and Giorgio Cafiero, for LobeLog (*) Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain’s football associations recently announced that they would participate in the Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament, which begins tomorrow. As many experts have …

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