Middle East

Banksy and the History of Palestinian graffiti

Banksy’s recent trip to Gaza drew the media’s attention, but Palestinians have a long history of political graffiti. The anonymous British street artist, Banksy, has released yet another set of striking graffiti artworks – this time in the Gaza Strip. …

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Public Salaries and Political Games in Gaza

Fayeq al-Qadi didn’t expect that the day would come where he wouldn’t be able to find food and other necessities for his five children, or have the salary he has been earning as an employee for the Palestinian Authority (PA) …

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Recapturing Tikrit, Rejuvenating ISIS

Even if ISIS loses Tikrit, they will remain a threat if the Iraqi government and sectarian Shia militias continue to persecute Iraq’s Sunni Arabs. For lasting victory, the Sunnis must be involved. As the US Chief of Staff, General Martin …

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Israel’s Uncertain Election

The Israeli elections are fast approaching. The provocative speeches and shocking actions of major candidates reveal and further stoke the flames of the battle for control of a country riven by internal discord and beset by external pressures. With final …

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Israeli Elections Dominated by Defence and Security

The Israeli elections next March are filled with uncertainty, regarding both the turnout and the outcome. Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can take nothing for granted as he runs against Yitzhak Herzog, the son of former President Chaim Herzog and …

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