Know how Western languages were inspired by Arabic

As the world marks Arabic Language Day, it is only fair to pay tribute to this rich dialect that has inspired many western languages. Many younger Arab generations are constantly accused of abandoning Arabic for the sake of learning western …

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Global democracy has another bad year

Global democracy has had another bad year, but popular protests show the potential for democratic renewal, The Economist Intelligence Unit reports. After showing stagnation in 2018, the EIU’s Democracy Index – which assesses the global state of democracy – deteriorated …

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The revolt of radical European Muslims against their parents

« Muslims in Europe, uprooted from their societies, need the guidance of liberal scholarly religious leaders to offer solutions asserting values more than norms and judicial rules » By: Samar Fatany, for Saudi Gazette (*) According to French political scientist Professor Olivier …

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Terror and security through UN eyes

The evolution of UN thinking on countering terrorism is part of the development of building an international capacity to shut down extremist networks. By: Dr. Theodore Karasik, for Al Arabiya English (*) The evolution of UN thinking on countering terrorism …

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