Rule of Law and Civil State (the 6th discussion paper)

By: King of Jordan Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein (*) In my previous five discussion papers, I put forward several ideas and visions related to Jordan’s political reform path. These included advancing crucial democratic practices, identifying the roles of stakeholders …

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Another Arab awakening is looming, warns a UN report

Arabs make up just 5% of the world’s population, but they account for about half the world’s terrorism and refugees The Economist (*) IN DECEMBER 2010 Egypt’s cabinet discussed the findings of their National Youth Survey. Only 16% of 18-29-year-olds …

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Terror and security through UN eyes

The evolution of UN thinking on countering terrorism is part of the development of building an international capacity to shut down extremist networks. By: Dr. Theodore Karasik, for Al Arabiya English (*) The evolution of UN thinking on countering terrorism …

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Who in the GCC wants a union ?

Gulf Cooperation Council states consider transforming into a union to arm themselves against Iran’s increasing dominance and the growing instability in the Middle East. By: Giorgio Cafiero, for Al-Monitor (*) Citing “security problems, economic challenges and other serious issues confronted …

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