Arabian Peninsula

What’s standing in the way of an Arab NATO?

By Agnes Helou, Journalist and writer, for Defense News (*) The so-called Arab NATO, a U.S.-led initiative, has the potential to address threats to the Gulf and the Middle East. So what is delaying the creation of such an alliance? An …

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Why is Qatar leaving OPEC?

The decision to leave the oil cartel is aimed at reinforcing the country’s autonomy from its Persian Gulf neighbors. By Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, for The New York Times (*) The surprising declaration by Qatar about leaving OPEC on Jan. 1 …

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Iraq needs regime change again

Musical chairs in the Iraqi parliament can no longer solve the country’s problems. By John Hannah, for the Foreign Policy (*) The United States faces an increasingly urgent set of first-order policy questions in Iraq. Spoiler alert: The answer is …

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Who in the GCC wants a union ?

Gulf Cooperation Council states consider transforming into a union to arm themselves against Iran’s increasing dominance and the growing instability in the Middle East. By: Giorgio Cafiero, for Al-Monitor (*) Citing “security problems, economic challenges and other serious issues confronted …

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Will Saudi women break chains of male guardianship?

Saudi women recently launched a hashtag calling for an end to male guardianship, which has been behind many of the physical and moral violations they face in Saudi society. By: Ibrahim al-Hatlani, for Al-Monitor (*) For three weeks now, the …

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