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Verification handbook for disinformation & media manipulation

The latest edition of the Verification Handbook arrives at a critical moment. Today’s information environment is more chaotic and easier to manipulate than ever before. This book equips journalists with the knowledge to investigate social media accounts, bots, private messaging …

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Arab Food Security : Vulnerabilities and Pathways

Food security is a challenge in the Arab region that was further underscored during the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis deepened food security concerns and increased uncertainty faced by policymakers. The persistent regional dilemma can be summarized as follows: To what …

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Arab Human Development Report 2019

Citizenship is a contested historical process consisting of social relationships, both formal and informal, in complex environments. The active engagement of marginalized groups and policies responsive to diverse needs are prerequisites for inclusive citizenship. This paper outlines how Arab countries …

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World Democracy Index 2019

The twelfth edition of the Democracy Index covering 2019 that was published recently has concluded that global democracy is in its most fragile state since The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) first produced the study in 2006. Driven by sharp regressions …

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The World Inequality Report

The World Inequality Report 2018 relies on a cutting-edge methodology to ­measure income and wealth inequality in a systematic and transparent manner. By developing this report, the World Inequality Lab seeks to fill a democratic gap and to equip various …

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Training Guide on EU Advocacy

The aim of this guide is to assist members of EuroMed Rights and other human rights NGOs to understand EU policies and decision-making structures, taking into account the changes introduced by the revision of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) since 2015, the EU …

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The European Union and the Arab World

The European Union and the Arab World: from the Rome Treaty to the Arab Spring For many Europeans, the Arab World is seen, at best, as an oil well and a huge market and, at worst, as a turbulent and …

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The Space of Civil Society in the Mediterranean Region

Report : Shackled Freedoms: What Space for Civil Society in the EuroMed? (*) This report depicts the obstacles and repression against civil society in the region and showcases first-hand accounts from Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian …

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The Arab Human Development Report 2016

The sixth Arab Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Programme is entitled “Youth and the Prospects for Human Development in a Changing Reality.” The report provides an evidence-based overview of youth challenges and opportunities since 2011. The report …

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