Press Release Regarding the Libyan Crisis

Press Release No.150625

Council for MENA Affairs “ForMENA”, is thoroughly following with major concern the regional and international diplomatic efforts aiming at resolving the Libyan crisis, especially: the second Libyan tribal leaders’ forum in Cairo on 25-28 May, the sixth meeting of Libya’s neighbouring countries in N’Djamena on 5 June, the meeting of the participants of the Libyan political dialogue with partners in Berlin on 10 June and the fourth ministerial meeting of the International Contact Group for Libya in the margins of the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government in Johannesburg on 12 June.

In this context, ForMENA welcomes the meeting of the participants of the Libyan political dialogue in Morocco on 8-9 June to discuss the fourth draft of the political agreement and the plan to reconvene talks, facilitated by the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Bernardino León.

ForMENA puts emphasis on, all the diplomatic moves and exerted efforts to end the Libyan crisis, nonetheless, the situation in Libya continues towards a total chaos in shadows of state absence and its institutions, as an outcome to the continuing disputes between the Libyan political components, which gave the following results:

Terrorist organizations control, headed by the Islamic State organization “Daesh”, on the cities of Darna and Sirte, committing numerous crimes against humanity.
Non-permitting the elected Libyan Parliament and its government of continuing the state-building process and forming the Libyan national army; whereas forming a Tripoli parallel-government – non-recognized internationally – and supported by the extremist armed groups led by “Fajr Libya” militia.
Total absence of state institutions and lack of protection procedures to unarmed civilians in Libyan cities that are falling under the control of militias or in the conflict zone.
Turning Libya into a largest illegal arms market for extremist organizations, and major hub for human trafficking and smuggling groups via the Mediterranean Sea, in which resulted unprecedented humanitarian tragedies of the modern history.

Therefore, Council for MENA Affairs “ForMENA” calls on all regional and international actors and Libyan neighbouring countries to apply serious and affective pressure on all Libyan conflicted parties, in order to accelerate the forming a unity government under the auspices of the elect Libyan Parliament. This should include, forming a national army, demilitarizing all militias and work on completing the state institutional-building process that meets the Libyans aspirations.

Council for MENA Affairs “ForMENA”, reaffirms its continuity in following-up the Libyan crisis, through our close cooperation with local, regional and international partners, to put an end to the Libyan political, security and institutional crises, where Libyan people could enjoy a stable and constitutional life, based on the principles of democratic governance and the respect of rule of law.

Council for MENA Affairs « ForMENA »
Brussels, June 25th, 2015

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