ForMENA Launch “Our Voices”

ForMENA is delighted to announce the launch of “Our Voices”. As part of our Media Forum, this furthers our mission of bringing high quality analysis of the politics of the Middle East and North African to a public audience.

In addition to our own analysts, “Our Voices” presents the work of independent writers from both Europe and the MENA region, from Morocco to Iran. We are sure that their expertise and experience will greatly contribute to our work by offering well-informed opinion from a range of perspectives.

Over four hundred people applied to work with us on this project; we selected around fifty of the best. Under ForMENA’s broad commitment to promoting secular democracy, openness, equality and respect for human rights, these writers will offer their own voices and views on contemporary issues.

We will cover subjects ranging from international politics and extremism to civil society, protests and culture. Whatever we publish, however, we aim for accuracy, understanding and quality.

As we grow, we will open up the submissions process to allow more people to publish their work. For now, however, we hope you find “Our Voices” to be stimulating and insightful. Please sign up on our homepage to receive updates.

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