ForMENA demands the Palestinian Authority to respect the parliamentary immunity for Deputy Abu Baker

The Council for MENA Affairs “ForMENA” follows and with great concern the repetitive attempts to arrest Deputy Najat Abu-Baker, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, on the basis of her political position and criticism on the performance of the Palestinian executive authorities. As an elected MP, Ms. Abu-Baker chose to protest inside the building of the Palestinian Parliament (PLC) to make sure of not being prosecuted or arrested by the security forces, thanks to the parliamentary immunity granted by the Palestinian Law and constitution.

The increased legislative chaos and powers of the security services, that the Palestinian Territories is going through, is based on decisions made by the Palestinian Presidency and the Council of Ministers with no legal references and the continuation of halting the legislative institutions, and limiting the civil society movement as a watchdog over the government behaviours, caused a steep deterioration on the level of freedoms in all aspects. For instance, as an example of our observation on the situation, how the Palestinian government is dealing with the teacher syndicates requests.

Therefore, “ForMENA” puts the responsibility on President Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister Rami Al-Hamdallah, for the declining level of freedoms in the Palestinian Territories, and the consequences of what is happening with Palestinian Deputy Najat Abu Baker in particular.

“ForMENA” calls for an immediate end of these illegal procedures, to respect the parliamentary immunity for Deputy Najat Abu-Baker, immediate application of the basic law as the interim constitution in the Palestinian Territories, and the activation of the regulatory and legal institutions and stop the predominance of the security forces in the Palestinian Territories.

“ForMENA” will follow up the issue at all levels with its Palestinian and European partners.


Council for MENA Affairs “ForMENA”

Brussels, 26 February 2016

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